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Healthy, thriving relationships are possible

You have been feeling anxious, depressed, unstable or codependent
within your relationships.

You want to find the right partner(s) or improve your current relationship but feel stuck on how to move forward- is it them or me?

You want to show up authentically for connection and choose others who can as well.

The truth is you want to build relationships grounded in acceptance, belonging, and growth but are not sure where to start.

Building relationships that are attuned to YOU

The truth is, you have the inherent capacity to grow, heal, and thrive in your relationships.

We will dive deep to understand the relationship patterns and attachment styles that unconsciously guide your interactions with family members, partners, workplace colleagues and especially yourself.

Together, we will develop practices for self-exploration, communication, and connection. I support individuals, couples, and families find the relationships they have been seeking with insights and practices that will last a lifetime.


Hi, I'm Ariel. I'm a therapist who specializes in supporting you in diving deep to understand the relationship challenges you are facing, exploring pathways forward, while imagining and creating a life where you are not only surviving and thriving. By building a foundation of self-awareness and self-compassion, you will be able to forge strong relationships with yourself and others, promoting positive mental health and resilience.

What life do you imagine for yourself? I believe you have the inherent capacity to create the life you want, and I'm here to walk alongside you as a guide and partner on your journey.

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Your life is busy. That’s why I offer flexible scheduling and sessions via the convenient and HIPAA-compliant Zoom video platform to residents anywhere across New York City and New York State. All you need is a private space and an internet connection to start your therapy journey.

What could a life of connection, groundedness,
and positive relationships mean for you?